Presented by prePO



Acquisition Royale is a battle royale NFT game themed around mergers and acquisitions.Found an Enterprise, merge with others, and acquire the competition in a battle for runway, wealth, and domination.



Bolster your budget through the power of recurring revenue streams.

Amass Runway Points (RP) automatically over time to compete with and acquire other Enterprises, or to defend yours from acquisition.


Fortify your competitive advantage through synergetic efficiencies.

Voluntarily merge two of your Enterprises together to earn RP at an accelerated rate and combine your RP balances.


Disrupt the market share of your rivals.

Spend RP to reduce the RP of other Enterprises, making them more vulnerable to an acquisition.


Consolidate your empire through a hostile takeover of your adversaries.

Forcibly acquire a zero-RP Enterprise to earn RP at an accelerated rate.


Need ammunition for hypergrowth?

Boost your RP balance by spending MATIC.


Is it vanity, or normative destiny?

Consume a Rename Token to change your Enterprise's name.


Communicate your corporate positioning with a revitalized appearance.

Consume a Rebrand Token to change your Enterprise's image.


Bail out a distressed entity and restore it to its former glory.

Consume a Revive Token to take ownership of a bankrupt Enterprise.



Earn RP (ERC-20 tokens), and even Enterprises (ERC-721 NFTs), through playing, surviving, topping leaderboards, and participating in the community.

As fully-composable tokens, you can then trade these in secondary markets!

Endorsed by prePO

As a game presented by prePO - a DeFi project with reputable backers, non-anon founder, and recipient of a Polygon Ecosystem Grant - players can feel assured that the game will have staying power, including integrations with prePO itself.

Community Led

Enterprise owners will help decide future roadmap items, gameplay balance adjustments, and which interpretative artworks are approved to represent their Enterprises.

Evolving Ecosystem

Through the Acquisition Royale Grants Program, builders and creatives will be incentivized to integrate with and extend upon the game’s ecosystem.

Deflationary Supply

As a battle royale game, Enterprises will be burnt through gameplay, meaning Enterprises will become increasingly rare over time.

Similarly, burning mechanics also deflate the supply of RP and Rename/Rebrand/Revive Tokens.

Dynamic Difficulty and Pricing

As the number of remaining Enterprises falls, the difficulty of acquiring them increases.

Similarly, MATIC prices adjust dynamically to find a fair price for each action.

Earn Your Rarity

Unlike other projects where your rarity is assigned by luck of the draw, Enterprises start on even grounds and earn their rarity over time through gameplay and strategy.

No Gas Fees

By launching on the Polygon Network, players can enjoy much faster and cheaper transactions.